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Figures photocon!

 The first figures photo contest on MyAnimeShelf has started!

The theme is… ♥ Saint Valentine’s Day ♥ !!!
The day associated with romantic love… and the winner will get a lovely figurine of Kureha by Max Factory! Awww! ♥♥♥

In order to participate you should be a registered MyAnimeShelf user. Read more...


Happy Birthday, Our Dear Shelf !

One year has passed since we launched you on 25 October 2009. Our hearts are overflowed with joy, but there is still one thing left to do. We have one more present awaiting to be revealed to public. So, let's calm down our emotions for a while.

Dear Shelfers, Brothers and Sisters, please welcome our second mascot — Leila Vega. Countless numbers of times we were asked to reveal the personality of the girl standing on the right side of the site. We remained silent… until today. No more secrets. The story of Leila is available for you to read right now. Unlike Michelle’s, Leila’s life is far from fortunate, but we hope you will enjoy her character.



More figurines' photos

~^___^~ More gorgeous photos on Shelf ~^___^~


MyAnimeShelf Fall Lottery has just started and everyone is welcome to participate.

We have a marvelous prize this time — Asuka Test Plugsuit Version by Kotobukiya. It’s 1/6! And according to manufacturer, the green parts of its suit will be painted with special fluorescent paint!

If you are unfamiliar with the event, you are welcome to read the rules here.

Thank you for your attention! We’ll be happy to see you around.

Стартовала Осенняя Лотерея на MyAnimeShelf. Приглашаем всех принять участие!

У нас просто изумительный приз на этот раз — Asuka Test Plugsuit Version от Kotobukiya. Размером 1/6! И по словам производителя, зеленые части ее костюма покрыты флюоресцентной краской!

Также будут и призы поменьше.

Если вы никогда не принимали участие в наших лотереях, предлагаем прочитать правила.

Спасибо за внимание и до встречи на нашем сайте!


Alter's Momohime

Gorgeous Momohime photo-set by Eld. Click here for more.

I love MyAnimeShelf ~^_^~


Fresh pics!

More cute photos for you to enjoy - only on MyAnimeShelf. Here is a couple of them to make your mouth water...



MyAnimeShelf Summer Lottery

MyAnimeShelf Summer Lottery has just started and everyone is welcome participate.
In case you don’t know, MyAnimeShelf lottery is an event, where you are asked to contribute a bit to the project and will get a chance to win a figurine in return. For example, you can provide the information for anime or figurines databases.

ummer main prize is rare Saber Lily Nendoroid!

There also will be smaller prizes, come visit the site for more information.


A quick note:
MyAnimeShelf has 2 interactive databases – an anime database and a figurines one; and ‘shelf’ users are able to list their own collections, blog, comment, chat, upload photos and rate stuff.

Thank you.


Стартовала Летняя Лотерея на MyAnimeShelf. Приглашаем всех принять участие!

В двух словах,  вам предлагается посодействовать в развитии проекта – а позже среди волонтеров разыгрываются призы  (обыкновенно  фигурки). Например, можно помочь с ведением базы аниме или фигурок.

Главный приз этого лета – нендроид Saber Lily.

Также будут и утешительные призы. Более подробно обо всем можно прочитать на сайте.

MyAnimeShelf: http://ru.myanimeshelf.com/

На «Полке» действуют 2 интерактивные базы – аниме и фигурок соответственно. Пользователи могут вести свои коллекции и блог, загружать фото, комментировать и оценивать контент, общаться в чате.



MyAnimeShelf brand-new look

Mina-san, we are back with the new update! *smiles happily*

Huh, this one turned out to be pretty big, yeah? It took us quite a long time to handle everything. Have you noticed some changes already? ^_^
Don’t really know what to start from. I’ve probably forgotten part of it anyways T__T

Ok, here we go:

myanimeshelf mascot
  1. We’ve got a brand-new look!
    Well, not totally new, but lots of things such as fonts, color scheme, comments design, etc. got affected.
    Hope, you’ll like it more than the old Shelf :D
  2. Two gorgeous arts were drawn for MyAnimeShelf by a talented Russian artist called Mistrie.
    You can see them both on the background of the site. I’m sorry, but the full-size pictures are only visible to the owners of wide-screen monitors.
    So, how do you like Michelle’s new style? Looks like she decided to go a little bit vintage ~^_^~
    And who is this mysterious girl on the other side?..
  3. Talking about Michelle, she got her own page, where you can enjoy her story written by pluvia33 and a couple of illustrations drawn by different users. By the way, if you like drawing, you can contribute as well!
    Huge thanks go to pluvia33 and pineappleskewer!
  4. User control panel was added. So far it includes private messages and last comments option.
    Huh, should I explain any further? Well… Yeah, this means now we’re able to write PMs! Send me something! ~^_^~
    The second feature gathers the latest comments you’ve received on a special page. The mechanics it uses is quite complicated. I would be happy to hear your impressions on it :)
  5. Chat option was added for those of us who has nothing to do at work ^_^"
    You can activate the chat window by clicking the corresponding button on your CP panel. You can deactivate it by clicking the same button again. By the way, it’s perfectly fine to browse the site while chatting on the same window — you won’t lose any of it!
    How about making a small test? Let’s all open the chat window and say a couple of words to each other :)
  6. External links were added to figure’s pages. If you stumble upon a great photo-review of a particular figurine, don’t forget to share a link with us using this new externals links feature. Proceed to any figurine’s page to see how it works.
  7. New photo viewer mode was added. Now you can choose between the line mode (the old one) and the sausage mode (forgive the name, nothing better came into my head). Proceed to any figurine photo-session to see how it works.

And that’s all for the most of it. Lots of other small fixes have been made, most of which are somehow connected to Internet Explorer browser.

Hope, you enjoyed Shelf’s new look and features. Thank you!



Wanna know who are these square guys? Visit our anime community now! =)


Anime rating formula

Rating formula for anime was upgraded. Now it depends not only on marks, but on the number of voters as well. You can see the new leaders on the front-page from now on. Weighted average was also keeped for everyone’s convenience.