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Mass upload

'My Photos' design was changed.
Mass upload feature was added.

I’ve also provided the form with some notes, check them before uploading something for the first time.

Thank you for staying with us. We’ll be happy to return with more upgrades.



New photos on MyAnimeShelf

Here are some examples of the newest photos taken by our users: Glory, pluvia33, pineappleskewer, Vivi, Eld, mu597 and usagi_joou. Please proceed to MyAnimeShelf for more information. Join us today!


The "Figure Form" was upgraded

Ok, the form has been upgraded. It became more clever and will help you to fill in everything properly.
We have also installed another cute feature: now it’s possible to upload a bunch of trading figures at a time. Hope, it will reduce the time needed to add big series of figurines.

I kindly ask you to test our new form by adding a figurine or two, but keep in mind that it can still have bugs.
Please don’t be confused — report them!


Lottery: one last step

Mina-san, we are terribly sorry for the delay. Winter Lottery has ended and bonus tickets were sent to those of you who has 20 RP or more.
In total 27 tickets were «sold».
That means 1 ticket gives you 3.7% chance to win Teni, the main prize.
The results will be announced on Sunday.
Stay tuned!


Spring 2010 anime season!

Hey, it’s the first day of spring today… and with it comes the new Spring 2010 anime season! Hurray! For those of you who are still unaware of the upcoming series we’ve collected the most valuable of them on our front page. It will stay there on top for a while. We also tried to gather the basic information on the series, including trailers. Enjoy!

If you’re interested in particular series and got more info on it, please let me kindly ask you to share it with us by editing the current data. Also if you find some interesting anime missing, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

And as usual — you’re welcome to discuss whatever you want. Btw, which series do you intend to watch?


MyAnimeShelf badges

Hey-hey, look what we received :D

MyAnimeShelf exclusive badges! Diameter = 37 mm.

Would you like to have one? :) Those guys who will win something in the lottery will get their badges in addition to the prizes. All other folks... well, I'll present you one if stumble upon you on the street :)

Join us today!


New photos on MyAnimeShelf

Here are some examples of the newest photos taken by our users: Glory, Kajico and pluvia33.
Please proceed to MyAnimeShelf for more information. Join us today! 


Feb. 4th, 2010

Mina-san... We have added an anime database to MyAnimeShelf!

Huh, it was unexpected, wasn’t it? :)

What exactly we did is:

1) We created and installed the service which enables you to add anime to our database, edit it and even grab it to your own shelf, although it looks more like a list for now. Off course, you are also able to rate series, make comments, etc.

2) We actually imported the anime database to MyAnimeShelf. I mean the titles. Most likely it is incomplete, but at least you should find all the series, which are more or less popular.

As to details and pictures, they are missing — but (but!) you can provide them by editing a particular anime. You are also welcome to add characters: they will be used for our future character database. All you need to know in order to edit anime correctly is written within the editor form.

And off course you will be rewarded with shelf-points for your hard work. Remember, shelf-points are needed in order to participate in our lottery event where you can win real figurines. Come join us now!

The details of anime database update.

And btw... did you managed to preorder your Azu-nya?


G.E.M. Series Zero



A photo-review of kimono event was uploaded to MyAnimeShelf.
So, if you become tired of figurines, how about real girls?